Bed Dances


When You Thought The Strip’s Private Dances

Couldn’t Get Any Better…They Did!

Discover BED DANCES at Industrial Strip

Take the best features of a VIP Dance in our Private Rooms and kick it up to the next level.

Bed Dances are, just as they say, a Private Dance performed on a Bed.  In your own private bedroom suite.  They are the unsurpassed experience in privacy, elegance, eroticism and dancer quality at a price lower than clubs with less elegant surrounding charge for Lame dances.  

Imagine the fun of being shirtless and getting an AWESOME dance from a Near-Naked Ultra-Hot entertainer. Skin to Skin Really Does Win!  Laying down means you are much more comfortable and get higher mileage. These Dances Will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

No waitresses killing the mood looking for drink orders. Uninterrupted Quality Time is The Rule at Industrial Strip.

No Sky High Prices either.   3-Song Bed Dance sets are ON SALE every Sunday and Tuesday for only $65.  We regularly run promotions during the night when we do bed dances at an especially nice price.

For Strip Club Fans, a Bed Dance at Industrial Strip is a “Bucket List” experience.  Come get yours tonight.