So one of your best bros is getting hitched, and the rest of your squad feels they are getting ditched.  Before you lament “the loss” of your dear friend, take a minute to adopt a real “glass-half-full” kind of mindset.  Relax, take a deep breath, assess the situation, and let the two sweetest words in the English language pop into your head...


That’s right, it’s time you took all your friends out for one last wild night before sending him off into matrimonial bliss.  While there is no shortage of bachelor party ideas you can choose from here in Chicagoland, you have to face facts and know that “Bachelor Party” is synonymous with another sweet pair of words


Again, no shortage of those in the greater Chicagoland area.  So what do you do?  Randomly select one after a lazy Google search of “Chicago gentlemen’s clubs?”  No, you go where the action is. Where good times and gorgeous, friendly women come before trendy pop music, bad attitudes and ridiculous drink orders. You go to Industrial Strip Gentlemen’s Club.

With our convenient location in Hammond, only 3 minutes from The Horseshoe Casino & Lost Marsh Golf Course, and 15 minutes from downtown, high class adult entertainment is closer than you think.  You’re never too far from the hottest action you’ll find in Chicagoland.  We obviously have the hottest and most hospitable dancers in all shape and races, but why stop there?

We offer an adult entertainment experience unlike any other, with near nude girls who want nothing more than to give your groom-to-be and all your friends an incredible night to remember.  We also offer full-friction, full contact private dances done in your own VIP suite on a chair or bed, meaning you’ll get some very up close and personal treatment from some of the most stunning babes you’ll will find in the country, let alone Illinois and Indiana.

All the Ingredients for an Amazing (Day and) Night

So let’s review. Full liquor? Check. Full Friction? Check. Full Contact? Oh, you bet! We know how to have a good time here at Industrial Strip Gentlemen’s Club, in every sense.

Let’s be real, you love your friend and want the best for him, right?  So why settle for some third-rate club that pumps out EDM and Hypnotiq and leavers with a tab that’s worth a week of your salary?

There’s only one real option if you’re looking to show your boy how much you appreciate him, and that is Industrial Strip Gentlemen’s Club, no question.  Come see for yourself and book your next bachelor party with us!  Give us a call any night after 7pm at 219-937-9750 and we’ll help you plan a night you and your guys will be talking about for years to come

Features of an Industrial Strip Bachelor Party

  • Free admission for The Groom and Best Man and Free Passes to all attendees.
  • Your own dedicated Satellite Stage where dancers take turns performing just for your group (6+ attendees)
  • Main Stage Show where we bring the Groom onstage with three dancers of your choice who have fun with him. Considered by many to be the best in Chicagoland.
  • Free food of ¼ pound Black Angus hotdogs, Nachos and Chili.  Eating something while drinking is really good.
  • Bottle Service Specials
  • World Famous Private Dances
  • Your own dedicated floor host to attend to all your group’s needs

We are minutes from The Horseshoe Casino and Lost Marsh Golf Course. Spend some time at one or both of these places and then continue your big night close by at Industrial Strip

PS...We also do great parties for Birthdays and even Divorces!