Frequently Asked Questions - Common Questions (Click here)

What Do I Need To Enter The Club?

All guests must be 21 years or older with a valid Government Issued ID.  Regardless of your age, you must have a valid ID for admission. 

What Are Your Hours of Operation?

7pm – 3am 7 Nights a week. 

What Are Your Dress Codes?

Dress is casual but we have a few restrictions that are strictly enforced. (NO sleeveless shirts, hats, baggy or ripped jeans, sweat pants; excessive jewelry or “urban wear” are permitted)

Do You Have Parking Available?

Yes. We have 1.5 Acres of very well-lit and monitored Self-parking on our premises. There is No Valet or Parking fees. 

Do You Serve Food?

Yes. We have a complimentary menu for all our paid admission guests, so your hunger can be satisfied at any time during our hours of operation. Our menu changes regularly, but focuses on “Guy Foods” like All-beef hotdogs with Chicago Style condiments, Brats, Polish sausages and Chili. We also have Nacho Chips with Cheese and Chili Toppings. 

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

We accept all major credit cards.

When I Use My Credit Card or Your ATM Does the Club Name Show Up on My Bill?

Answer: No, any club purchase will have a discreet billing name.

Do I Have To Tip A Host To Get a Seat?

Absolutely NO!  We always hate this Hustle” of customers.  We see you as an honored guest in our “House” so shaking you down for a chair is NEVER allowed.  You can sit anywhere and move around as much as you like. 

Do You Have Gambling?

We love all Vices in moderation!  We have a Pull Tab gaming machine in the smoking lounge. Win up to $599 instantly for only a $1 bet.  The payout is 50% better than the state Instant Lotteries. 

Do You Allow Smoking?

Yes. We only ask that you use our luxurious Smokers Lounge located on the second floor. Skybox views of the stage and all the showroom action gives you the best seats in the house.

Can I See What Your Dancers Look Like?

Many dancers are camera-shy (The have friends & family…for real!).  But many of them have gone in front of our award-wining videographer’s camera.  Check out all our videos on the Video Page  We also have some great videos that we agreed only to play inside the club for your viewing enjoyment. You can see pictures of many of our dancers (without faces but showing all the good parts) on our Facebook page at

What is the Wheel of Friction?

The wheel of friction is a fun interactive game offering our patrons the chance to win anything from free passes to 42 Inch TV’s.